Party party disco party – exhibition

3 September 2022

Esmee van Zeeventer and Thijs Segers wanted to stir up the art scene in Enschede, so they are organizing a party in their backyard, in honor of their dog Buddy.
Local musicians are invited and live music is played throughout the day. They invite friends as well as artists from the Netherlands and abroad. The invited artists bring their work and a spontaneous one-day exhibition is created in the studio.

An exhibition with work by: Esmee van Zeeventer, Marloes Roeper, Thijs Segers, Jochem Mestriner, Julia van Eijden, Jonas Volpel, Eden Berger, Mike Dings, Nicky Goldsteen, Remco Dikken, Frank Haafkes, Karin Hoogesteger, David Oswald, Jule Wild and Udona Boerema.

Photo by Esmee van Zeeventer